The 13 Health and Home Benefits of a Dehumidifier

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Dehumidifiers Healthy For Home

Healthy Air. Healthy Home.

There are some simple health hazards that become evident when humans are exposed to a constantly humid environment. Humidity in the home is a primary cause of mould and mildew on walls and ceilings and the ill effects caused by this mould is well documented.

Warning Signs

What are the warning signs that you live in an overly humid home? Be on the lookout for condensation on your patio doors or windows. This is especially evident in air-conditioned homes and can be an obvious sign of too much humidity. Mould and mildew spots are an obvious sign of prolonged over exposure to humidity, this is both unsightly and unhealthy.

Finding the mechanical causes for humidity needs to be done before investing in a dehumidifier, however. Mould in the home is known to trigger allergic reactions in some people and can also exacerbate asthma symptoms. Poor ventilation, often found in bathrooms or showers, is usually the primary cause in homes were mould is particularly bad.


How a Dehumidifier Can Help – 13 Benefits

The following indicates the benefits of running a dehumidifier in your home:


  • 1) Getting a dehumidifier will make your home smell and look fresh and clean, reduce mould allowing you and your family breathing in cleaner drier air free of allergens and mites.


  • 2) A good quality dehumidifier runs automatically and in the background, and is a convenient precursor to a healthy living environment.


  • 3) Moulds also produce nasty odours. Dehumidifiers prevent this from happening through efficiency and purification.


    • 4) Excess moisture can lead to skin irritations and irritations in the nasal passages. The benefits of a dehumidifier installation in this situation are quite obvious.


    • 5) Laundry will dry faster. Certain areas can be so humid that laundry days become a nightmare. Clothes can take longer than a day to dry and might develop an unpleasant smell, requiring the clothing to be washed again. Using a dehumidifier allows clothes to dry quickly on racks rather than forcing the use of expensive tumble dryers.


    • 6) Some dehumidifiers have the capability to eradicate over 30 litres of vapour generated from water found in the atmosphere. This is a phenomenal amount when it is considered that the water is airborne.


    • 7) Reducing condensation on windows and frames is beneficial to wooden window frames and help them last longer. This is especially evident on the leeward side of a house where bathrooms and kitchens are present.


    • 8 ) Reduced dusting and cleaning! Air filtration removes airborne dust in your house, therefore leaving you with less to clean.


    • 9) Lowers energy consumption costs. Compared to an air conditioner running on its own, the combined use of running an air conditioner and dehumidifier actually reduces cost over time. This is due to the fact that the AC needn’t do this function, causing it to run more efficiently.


    • 10) Elimination of mould on furniture, clothes, curtains, leather goods, books and most fabrics to mention a few.


    • 11) Rust and corrosion is reduced in camera equipment, tools, electronics, office machines and paper.


    • 12) Computer equipment lasts longer in this environment and electronics will work more efficiently in drier air.


  • 13) Helps keep food longer. Bread will take longer to go stale. Cereals and baked goods will also benefit.


Choosing the Right Dehumidifier for You

To understand what dehumidifier will be best for your home is to measure your current humidity levels. Find out the size of your floor area, grab a humidity reading with a hygrometer and take into account your budget.

If you’re stuck and need some help choosing one, just take a look at our dehumidifier reviews area, or give our search bar a go for a particular dehumidifier.

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